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Cultural Tours

Bhutan Culture Tour

Across the region of country, Bhutan is filled with various cultures and tradition. This tour provides one with ability to get close to Bhutanese and it’s society. The tour period can be of as short as 3 Nights to as long as a month, but we assure you shall be immersed into the culture of our country, but to what depth is onto our Guest.

Festivals of various occasions as Traditional New Year, Blessed Rainy Day, Marriage of couple to Ritual, Tradition and etiquette, life of Bhutanese, what we eat, what we drink, how we sleep, and all the basic life style could be touched and felt in the tour of this section.We have few to give you an idea.


Bhutan Pilgrimage Tour

This tour is specifically designed for those who are very much interested in practicing Buddhism. From the point of view of Buddhism, visiting pilgrimages and accumulating a merit is considered to be the most important practice to achieve enlightenment in one’s life. With this tour, you may explore most important holy places in Bhutan.

Enter The Dragon

Lhayul Farm Tour


Lhayul means heavenly blessed village. This tour offers you various kinds of exposure on the sightseeing of small villages which have been still preserved in our country. You may follow a traditional construction built out of clay and forest. In different villages, you can as well see how Bhutanese people raise their domestic animals and can insure how the farmer cultivate their crops


Tsendenjong Tour

The Tsendenjong tour is basically planned to propose you a broad range of Bhutanese culture and traditional experiences across the state. For lesson, seeing of Bhutanese traditional buildings, temples, magnificent monasteries, stupas built on the tip of beautiful hills, valleys, riverside and mountains. It likewise offers an insight into the far remote places of the country’s Eastern regions